Service and Prices

These prices are a guidance only and based on dogs that have had regular grooming. I will be happy to give a full consultation to determine the condition of your dogs coat. Additional costs will incur for the following reasons:
Dogs badly matted that need additional time.

(please read our de-matting policy )
Nervous or badly tempered  dogs that require extra care and treatment.
The actual price will be confirmed after I have concluded a consultation with you the owner and your dog present. All extra charges are subject to owners approval before undertaking.

– Bathing with specialty shampoos –

– Coat Conditioning –
– Clip/Scissor cut to the style of choice –
– Brush & Blowdry –
– Nails Clipped –
– Face & Feet tidy –
– Ears clean & tidy –
– De-matting (please read our policy below) –

– Bathing with speciality shampoos –
– Coat Conditioning –
– Brush & Blowdry –
– Nails Clipped –
– Ears clean & tidy –


I would love to introduce your dog to the friendly relaxed environment in Clip & Collar.   I understand that this can be a scary process for your beloved pet and aim make sure your dog gets the best possible introduction to grooming. This £15.00 service for all puppies under the age of 6 months will take 1 hour and will help familiarize your dog with grooming.
I will make sure your little puppy has a relaxing bath and then gently dried using our professional driers on a low setting followed by attention and treats for being a good dog, we want your dog to enjoy their first groom and be Clip & Collar dog for life!



In line with the Animal Welfare Act Clip & Collar Grooming will not subject any dog to any unnecessary pain and suffering caused by extensive de-matting attempts.

– A matted coat can cause a lot of problems for the dog these include.
– Hot spots and sores.
– Bacterial and fungal infections.
– Moist eczema.
– Mites and lice.
– Severe itching.
– Eye and ear infections.

Sometimes it is necessary that a severely matted coat has to be clipped off. It would be extremely distressing to the dog to try and de-matt any matts which are tight and close to the skin and by clipping the coat off it is the kindest way.

Once the coat has been removed it can show a little redness or the dog may want to scratch the skin if it’s itchy. There is also a chance that it can cause the ears to bleed. If the ears have been severely matted and then the matts on the ears are released it can cause the blood flow which has been restricted to seep through the pores in the ears and cause bleeding. As you are trying to remove matts which are lying close to the skin with a clipper blade there is a chance you could cause a small nick or cut, therefore, you will have to sign a disclaimer before the groom itself.

Agreeing to this policy will allow me to seek veterinary care at your expense if needed as Clip & Collar Grooming will not be held responsible for any injury to dogs with severely matted coats. please bear in mind everything that is done to your dog will always be done with the utmost care and respect.

Once your dog’s coat begins to grow back it is extremely important to keep on top of the brushing at home in between grooms. this will help to avoid any more matting. I can show you how to maintain this at home and keep your dogs coat in tip-top condition.

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